Welcome to my kitchen!

I love food. I mean, really love food. There’s something inherently magical in creating a meal.


You’re allowed to be creative. You’re allowed to break the ‘rules’. Or you can be a rule follower and stick to the recipe. But, no matter how you decide to approach it, you imbue love and caring into everything you make.

You chose that recipe or meal because it appealed to some emotional piece of you. Maybe you want your family to live healthier lives. Or you knew someone was having a bad day so you made their favorite meal or dessert. This is why the kitchen is referred to as “the heart of the home”; and why I decided to form my business and my blog around it.

We’re going to explore organizing your kitchens and making tasty meals. We’ll also explore my business that is centered around food and kitchen products! Let me help you make cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable!

Jamie Makin


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